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Biotechnology Company Reshaping Aquaculture

Genufeed is a biotechnology company based in Tel Aviv, offering an innovative and sustainable solution to farmed fish feed production. Our mission is to transform the carnivorous fish feed industry with cost-effective and modular alternatives.

Insect protein is a rising star in the fight against unsustainable fishmeal in animal feed. However, insect meal currently struggles to compete on price. Our innovative technology tackles this challenge by streamlining production, eliminating expensive and resource-intensive processes.

This breakthrough not only makes insect-based fish feed more affordable, but it also democratizes its production. While traditional extruded pellet production is limited to large corporations, our solution empowers smaller players to enter the market. This means more sustainable fish feed options and increased competition, ultimately benefiting both the environment and the industry.

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Revolutionizing Fish Feed Production

Our Approach

Our Innovative Approach to Fish Feed Production

Our Story

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food production sector. The main input in aquaculture is extruded fish feed pellets. Aqua feed production aims at imitating the natural feed of fish by using a long, expensive and complex series of processes including mixing, grinding, conditioning, steam-cooking, extrusion, drying, vacuum coating and cooling.

Different Approach

We strive to return to the origin and use nature’s original fish feed and enhance it. Our technology uses insect larvae, which are natural capsules of high-quality protein and fat, and enriches them with additional essential nutritional elements such as Omegas 3 fatty acids and amino acids. The fish consume the coated insect larvae whole and intact, just like in nature. 

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Revolutionizing Fish Feed Production

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