Enhancing Nature's Feed

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Enhancing Nature's Feed

Aquaculture is the world's fastest growing food production sector. Raising fish requires feed, which is currently based mostly on unsustainable fishing of small pelagic fish caught in the wild and processed into fishmeal, the main ingredient in fish feed. Aqua feed production aims at imitating the natural feed of fish by using a long and complex series of processes including mixing, grinding, conditioning, steam-cooking, extrusion, drying, vacuum coating and cooling.


Our approach is different.

We strive to return to the origin and use nature's original fish feed and enhance it. Our technology uses insect larvae, natural capsules of high-quality protein and fat, and enriches them with additional essential nutritional elements. We help insect farmers turn insect larvae into complete fish feed, rather than merely an ingredient (insect meal). Our team of fish biology, nutrition and biochemistry professionals, constantly experiments and improves our propriety production cycle in order to arrive at the optimal diet containing all essential amino acids, lipids, minerals and vitamins for the robust growth and health of fish. We put a special emphasis on keeping all macro and micro nutrients closest to their original form in nature.