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Enhancing Nature's Feed

Genufeed is a Tel Aviv based biotechnology company offering a cost-effective, sustainable, and modular alternative to farmed fish feed production. We are set to change the $46 Billion carnivorous fish feed industry, hungry for innovation and currently depending exclusively on capital intensive extrusion facilities.
Our team members are aquaculture technology veterans committed to providing the world with a better and smarter way to feed farmed fish, the world's fastest-growing food production sector.

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Our Story

Aquaculture is the world's fastest growing food production sector. The main input in aquaculture is extruded fish feed pellets. Aqua feed production aims at imitating the natural feed of fish by using a long, expensive and complex series of processes including mixing, grinding, conditioning, steam-cooking, extrusion, drying, vacuum coating and cooling.

Our approach is different

We strive to return to the origin and use nature's original fish feed and enhance it. Our technology uses insect larvae, which are natural capsules of high-quality protein and fat, and enriches them with additional essential nutritional elements such as Omegas 3 fatty acids and amino acids. The fish consume the coated insect larvae whole and intact, just like in nature. 

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Our Technology

Genufeed has developed a proprietary technology that eliminates the need for the long production process of insect meal and extruded fish feed. We do so by keeping the integrity and enriching the bodies of the insects (Black Soldier Fly larvae or other farmed insects) whole or chopped, to make them the natural, optimal feed source for fish.
Instead of grinding the larvae, separating the protein and the fat, and using the insect meal as an ingredient for the capital-intensive extrusion process, we coat and optimize the nutritional values of the insects' bodies. When consumed whole and enriched, they supply the precise nutritional needs of the fish.

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