Supporting insect farmers

Genufeed has developed a proprietary patent-pending technology that eliminates the need for the long production process of insect meal and extruded fish feed by keeping the integrity and enriching the bodies of the insects (Black Soldier Fly larvae or other farmed insects) whole or chopped, to make them the natural, optimal feed source for fish.

Instead of grinding the larvae, separating the protein and the fat, and using the insect meal as an ingredient for the capital-intensive extrusion process, we optimize the nutritional values of the insects' bodies so that consumed whole, they supply the precise nutritional needs of the fish. (We do not do that through the insects substrate - that would be very inefficient). 


Genufeed enables the local production of fish by relying on the up cycling of local organic waste using insects in a simple, modular way, limiting the dependency on food and feed ingredients shipped from abroad. 

We are not insect farmers. We focus on our propriety insect enrichment process and substances and make them available to the rapidly growing insect farming industry worldwide. We support insect farmers by helping them derive more value from their harvested larvae - both protein and fat. We do that by enabling them to produce complete fish feed in a modular way, without making large capital investments in extrusion equipment.

For those of you coming from the animal nutrition industry, this analogy would make sense: we are not a feed company, we are a feed additives company.