For our direct customers, insect farmers, we offer:


  • Using our enrichment materials and equipment enables you to derive more value from your harvested larvae. You can utilize both protein and fat to produce high quality, complete fish feed.

  • Reduce operational costs and capital costs associated with refining your larvae into insect meal and fat.

  • Opening the door to a new, diverse market of fish farmers.

  • Since the production of whole-insect fish feed entails no exposure to the volatility of world commodity prices, it is possible to sign offtake agreements with local fish farmers. Long term supply contracts increase the chances of attracting debt financing for your insect farms as part of a project-finance approach.


The advantages for fish farmers, the end-users of the finished product:

  • Improved FCR

  • A sustainable feed product, matching the preferences of sustainability-minded consumers

  • Fish feed that is produced locally, up-cycling local organic wastes, in proximity to your fish farm.

  • You never really know what’s inside the extruded pellet that you feed to your fish. How much of the protein is digestible? What is the inclusion rate of the different ingredients? Did the manufacturer make any changes to the formulations that may affect the performance? – Genufeed is a highly transparent product. You can visually see what you get.